Our Platform

Technology-powered Healthcare Delivery Solutions

Since 2019, ApolloMed has placed a renewed focus on its technologies, building a team of world-class technologists to develop proprietary end-to-end solutions that drive tangible results for providers and improved outcomes and experiences for patients. We use technology in a smart, domain-adapted way to solve barriers to care, high costs, inefficiency and waste in the healthcare system. Our platform and extensive data moat allows us to effectively manage value-based care that puts patient outcomes first and enables us to scale our proven model nationwide.

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Combining Technology and Data Analytics with Clinical Expertise

Our Proprietary Technology Platform Sets Us Apart

Technology differentiates us from our competitors, thanks to our team of software engineers and our approach to development. We combine our deep understanding of value-based healthcare from a clinical perspective with the latest software engineering, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods.

ApolloMed's Tech-Enabled Flywheel

ApolloMed’s large provider network and proprietary tech platform drive a virtuous cycle, powering growth and improving patient outcomes.

Our proprietary technology platform address three key pain points in healthcare delivery and managed care.

Automated Medical Claims Adjudication

Our platform has processed approximately 4 million claims with no human intervention across its 12 IPAs and all lines of business, saving nearly 30,000 hours of manual claims examiner effort.

Utilization Management Automation

We’ve saved providers thousands of hours of examiner effort by processing 200,000 authorization requests with no human intervention across 12 IPAs and all lines of business.

Population Health

For population health, including quality and risk management, our platform measures real-time, value-based care key performance indicators (KPIs). It provides real-time, actionable notifications and a machine-learning model for population risk stratification.