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Description of Business

Description of Business
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2018
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
Description of Business
Description of Business
Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc. (“ApolloMed”), entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger dated as of December 21, 2016 (as amended on March 30, 2017 and October 17, 2017) (the “Merger Agreement”) among ApolloMed, Apollo Acquisition Corp., a California corporation and wholly-owned subsidiary of ApolloMed, Network Medical Management, Inc. (“NMM”), and Kenneth Sim, M.D., not individually but in his capacity as the representative of the shareholders of NMM (the “Merger”). The Merger closed and became effective on December 8, 2017 (the “Closing”) (see Note 3). As a result of the Merger, NMM is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of ApolloMed and the former NMM shareholders own a majority of the issued and outstanding common stock of ApolloMed. For accounting purposes, the Merger is treated as a “reverse acquisition” and NMM is considered the accounting acquirer and ApolloMed the accounting acquiree. Accordingly, as of the Closing, NMM’s historical results of operations replaced ApolloMed’s historical results of operations for all periods prior to the Merger, and the results of operations of both companies are included in the accompanying consolidated financial statements for all periods following the Merger. Effective as of the Closing, ApolloMed’s board of directors approved a change in ApolloMed’s fiscal year end from March 31 to December 31, to correspond with NMM’s fiscal year end prior to the Merger.
The combined company, following the Merger, together with its affiliated physician groups and consolidated entities (collectively, the “Company”) is a physician-centric integrated population health management company working to provide coordinated, outcomes-based medical care in a cost-effective manner and serves patients in California, the majority of whom are covered by private or public insurance such as Medicare, Medicaid and health maintenance organizations (“HMOs”), with a small portion of the Company’s revenue coming from non-insured patients. The Company provides care coordination services to each major constituent of the healthcare delivery system, including patients, families, primary care physicians, specialists, acute care hospitals, alternative sites of inpatient care, physician groups and health plans. The Company’s physician network consists of primary care physicians, specialist physicians and hospitalists. The Company operates primarily through the following subsidiaries of ApolloMed: NMM, Apollo Medical Management, Inc. (“AMM”), APA ACO, Inc. (“APAACO”) and Apollo Care Connect, Inc. (“Apollo Care Connect”), and their consolidated entities.
NMM was formed in 1994 as a management service organization (“MSO”) for the purposes of providing management services to medical companies and independent practice associations (“IPAs”). The management services cover primarily billing, collection, accounting, administrative, quality assurance, marketing, compliance and education.
Allied Physicians of California IPA, a Professional Medical Corporation d.b.a. Allied Pacific of California IPA (“APC”) was incorporated on August 17, 1992 for the purpose of arranging health care services as an IPA. APC has contracts with various health maintenance organizations (“HMOs”) or licensed health care service plans as defined in the California Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act of 1975. Each HMO negotiates a fixed amount per member per month (“PMPM”) that is to be paid to APC. In return, APC arranges for the delivery of health care services by contracting with physicians or professional medical corporations for primary care and specialty care services. APC assumes the financial risk of the cost of delivering health care services in excess of the fixed amounts received. Some of the risk is transferred to the contracted physicians or professional corporations. The risk is also minimized by stop-loss provisions in contracts with HMOs.
On July 1, 1999, APC entered into an amended and restated management and administrative services agreement with NMM (initial management services agreement was entered into in 1997) for an initial fixed term of 30 years. In accordance with relevant accounting guidance, APC is determined to be a variable interest entity (“VIE”) as NMM is the primary beneficiary with the ability to direct the activities (excluding clinical decisions) that most significantly affect APC’s economic performance through its majority representation of the APC Joint Planning Board; therefore APC is consolidated by NMM. As of March 31, 2018 and December 31, 2017, APC had an ownership interest of 4.90% and 4.95% in ApolloMed, respectively.
Concourse Diagnostic Surgery Center, LLC (“CDSC”) was formed on March 25, 2010 in the state of California. CDSC is an ambulatory surgery center in City of Industry, California, is organized by a group of highly qualified physicians, and the surgical center utilizes some of the most advanced equipment in Eastern Los Angeles County and San Gabriel Valley. The facility is Medicare Certified and accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare, Inc. During 2011, APC invested $625,000 for a 41.59% ownership in CDSC. Due to capital stock changes in 2016, APC’s ownership percentage in CDSC’s capital stock changed to 43.80% and 43.43% on May 31, 2016 and July 31, 2016, respectively. CDSC is consolidated as a VIE by APC as it was determined that APC has a controlling financial interest in CDSC and is the primary beneficiary of CDSC.
APC also holds a 40% ownership interest in Pacific Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC (“PASC”), a multi-specialty outpatient surgery center.
APC-LSMA was formed on October 15, 2012 as a designated shareholder professional corporation and Dr. Thomas Lam, a shareholder, Chief Executive and Financial Officer of APC and Co-CEO of ApolloMed is a nominee shareholder of APC. APC makes all the investment decisions on behalf of APC-LSMA, funds these investments and receives all the distributions from the investments. APC has the obligation to absorb losses or rights to receive benefits from all the investments made by APC-LSMA. APC-LSMA’s sole function is to act as the nominee shareholder for APC in other California medical professional corporations. Therefore, APC-LSMA is controlled and consolidated by APC who is the primary beneficiary of this VIE. The only activity of APC-LSMA is to hold the investments in medical corporations, which includes: The IPA line of business of LaSalle Medical Associates (“LMA”), Pacific Medical Imaging and Oncology Center, Inc. (“PMIOC”), Diagnostic Medical Group (“DMG”) and AHMC International Cancer Center (“ICC”).
ICC was formed on September 2, 2010 in the state of California. ICC is a Professional Medical California Corporation and has entered into agreements with organizations such as HMOs, IPAs, medical groups and other purchasers of medical services for the arrangement of services to subscribers or enrollees. On November 15, 2016, APC-LSMA, a holding company of APC, agreed to purchase and acquire from ICC 40% of the aggregate issued and outstanding shares of capital stock of ICC for $400,000 in cash. Certain requirements to complete the investment transaction was completed in August 2017 and effective on October 31, 2017, ICC was determined to be a VIE of APC and is consolidated by APC as it was determined that APC is the primary beneficiary of ICC through its power and obligation to absorb losses and rights to receive benefits that could potentially be significant to ICC. The results of operations of ICC from October 31, 2017 to December 31, 2017 were de minimis.
Universal Care Acquisition Partners, LLC (“UCAP”), a 100% owned subsidiary of APC, was formed on June 4, 2014, for the purpose of holding the investment in Universal Care, Inc. (“UCI”).
APAACO, jointly owned by NMM and AMM, participates in the next generation accountable care organization model (“NGACO Model”) of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) as of January 2017. The NGACO Model is a new CMS program that allows provider groups to assume higher levels of financial risk and potentially achieve a higher reward from participating in this new attribution-based risk sharing model. In addition to APAACO, NMM and AMM operated three accountable care organizations (“ACOs”) that participated in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (“MSSP”), the goal of which is to improve the quality of patient care and outcomes through more efficient and coordinated approach among providers. MSSP revenues are uncertain, and, if such amounts are payable by CMS, they will be paid on an annual basis significantly after the time earned, and are contingent on various factors, including achievement of the minimum savings rate for the relevant period. Such payments are earned and made on an “all or nothing” basis.
In 2012, ApolloMed formed an ACO, ApolloMed Accountable Care Organization, Inc. (“ApolloMed ACO”) to participate in the MSSP.
On November 11, 2015, NMM, ACO Acquisition Corporation, and APCN-ACO, A Medical Professional Corp. (“APCN-ACO”) entered into a reorganization agreement whereby ACO Acquisition Corporation, a newly organized entity in which NMM is its sole shareholder, merged with APCN-ACO, effective on January 8, 2016, resulting in APCN-ACO becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of NMM.
On December 18, 2016, NMM, ACO Acquisition Corporation #2, and Allied Physicians ACO, LLC (“AP-ACO”) entered into a reorganization agreement whereby ACO Acquisition Corporation #2, a newly organized entity in which NMM is its sole shareholder, merged into AP-ACO, effective on December 20, 2016, resulting in AP-ACO becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of NMM.
As the Company is transitioning to the NGACO Model, patients and physicians with the three ACOs have substantially been transferred to APAACO. Effective on December 31, 2017, APCN-ACO’s MSSP participation agreement with CMS was terminated. Effective on December 31, 2016, AP-ACO’s MSSP participation agreement with CMS was terminated. Effective on December 31, 2017, ApolloMed ACO’s MSSP participation agreement with CMS was terminated.
In conjunction with the Merger, ApolloMed sold to APC-LSMA all the issued and outstanding shares of capital stock of Maverick Medical Group, Inc. (“MMG”). MMG has historically been included in the consolidated financial statements filed by ApolloMed.
AMM, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ApolloMed, manages affiliated medical groups, which consist of ApolloMed Hospitalists (“AMH”), a hospitalist company, Southern California Heart Centers (“SCHC”), Bay Area Hospitalist Associates (“BAHA”), a medical corporation, ApolloMed Care Clinic (“ACC”) and AKM Medical Group, Inc. (“AKM”). AMH provides hospitalist, intensivist and physician advisor services. SCHC is a specialty clinic that focuses on cardiac care and diagnostic testing. BAHA operates a hospitalist, intensivist and post-acute care practice with a presence at three acute care hospitals, one long-term acute care hospital and several skilled nursing facilities. ACC and AKM are no longer active to any material extent.
Apollo Care Connect, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ApolloMed, provides a cloud and mobile-based population health management platform that includes digital care plans, a case management module, connectivity with multiple healthcare tracking devices and the ability to integrate with multiple electronic health records to capture clinical data.
ApolloMed also has a controlling interest in Apollo Palliative Services, LLC (“APS”), which owns two Los Angeles-based companies, Best Choice Hospice Care, LLC (“BCHC”) and Holistic Care Home Health Agency, Inc. (“HCHHA”) and provides palliative care services.
ApolloMed also operated Pulmonary Critical Care Management, Inc. (“PCCM”) and Verdugo Medical Management, Inc. (“VMM”), which operated as physician practice management companies. PCCM and VMM are no longer active to any material extent.